Wednesday, October 27, 2010

This is the Future

Just some innovative designs and ideas...
so cute. your kid will never lose you

great for your backyard. its like a park on the go. 

if you hate to stub your toe at night..

AHHH YEAH. perfect slice. perfect cut. easy.

take out drink. no spills.
you can carry your drinks in one hand not a handful.

some version of a lock and key...

don't think this is for everybody...but if you ever needed the space.

these last ones are from

take-away puzzles.
they don't look easy but for $13 bucks you can knock yourself
out if your up for the challenge...

if the finger could move up and down. I'd LOVEE this.
I hate trying to find my place in a book. Let alone on the page...

OOPPSS "now you did it" cabinet.
(doesn't look like a lot of space though...)

whats a sofa bed to a sofa BUNK BED !!
sweet ♥

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