Friday, June 24, 2011

Behind the Scenes: Project Runway w/ guest judge Kim Kardashian

To any project runway fans who have been dying for a new season, its BACK ! The premiere episode of Season 9 will begin Thursday, July 28 at 9 pm/8c on Lifetime Television. It feels like I've waited forever to hear that I could finally watch one of my favourite shows again.

[Plot spoiler]
In a "Project Runway" first, during the premiere episode, 20 designers must go in front of Heidi, Michael, Nina and Tim to make a case why they deserve one of the 16 coveted spots this season. Once they are chosen, the 16 designers barely have a chance to celebrate before being awoken at the crack of dawn with one of the toughest first challenges in the series’ history.
Guest designers on this season of Project Runway include Kim Kardashian, Christina Ricci, Zoe Saldana and Malin Akerman. 

Below you will find pictures of the episode that Kim Kardashian featured in as a guest judge. The judges took notes as the models, on high stilts and elaborate dresses, walked down the outdoor runway.

Please excuse the "censor". 
Kim Kardashian had a little bit of a wardrobe malfunction and I couldn't find any photos of her NOT revealing her white underwear. I tried to find one that showed the least. It seemed she held her card at the wrong spot. 
Sorry Kimmie :(

Click below for more photos as well as the uncensored photo of Kim Kardashian. (I feel like such a perve for allowing this access).

Text Sources: ZimbioZimbio,& Lifetime
Photo sources: & Bauer Griffin

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Life is Such a Dirty Luxury

this picture reminds me of Abbey Lee Kershaw

or even an older version of Heidi Klum

Not quite sure of the credits as the blog didn't list them.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Coleworld: New Single Disappointment

Disclaimer I"m a big fan of J. Cole and have been even before he started to get major notice around the world for his lyricism or even air play on the internet. Mind you, I'm not a hipster and in no way am I trying to brag about how "I knew him before anyone else did", I'm just saying that I'm a big fan and supporter of him as an artist and a person and I can't wait for him to be recognized as one of the greatest, if not, the greatest.
J.Cole - Workout

A couple of days ago his highly anticipated single for his debut album, Work Out, finally cleared. J. Cole released it via. Twitter. I'm not really feeling this song, mind you, I haven't given it the greatest listen and paid attention to the complete lyrics but I didn't get the high or excitement I thought I would get when I first heard it. To be honest, this single seems a little "main stream". Something that a lot of fans and non-fans (usually fans of Drake) have been requesting from him. 

Even if this song rubs off on me...I just hope his next single and his entire album is a lot better than this.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Virgine Magazine Issue #1: Edible Dress & Creative Concepts

...believe it or not but this dress is made entirely out of M&Ms

Cintia Dicker in Virgine Magazine's Premiere issue

If the word "Vigine" means nothing to you now maybe in a couple of years it will. 

The name Virgine is a combination of “Virgin” as in “first” and “pure”, “virtual” as in “VIRGINE’s existence evolves around the virtual world”, and and magazine. Its a brand new  bi-annual hard copy magazine that launched a couple of months ago. 

VIRGINE Magazine is a brand new innovative high fashion, art and music platform set to revolutionize the way people interact with the fashion industry. Through our proximity with today’s major influential voices in the fashion field, we have managed to develop a magazine that stays ahead of current styles and trends.
VIRGINE is seeking ways to increase societies’ devotion to charity contribution, so every issue our magazine’s first page will be dedicated to charity oriented advertisements.
In addition, we want to create a fashion platform that serves as a bridge between top industry professionals and up-and-coming artists to be showcased side by side under the esthetic and standards of VIRGINE.
Furthermore, VIRGINE wants to innovate by forming bridges between different industries. Imagine an article written by a fashion model who wants to become an editor or an interview conducted by the actual photographer who shot the subject. This is the kind of content we are looking for; content that brings a different perspective to our audience
With VIRGINE, you will be propelled into a global culture of beauty, esthetic, creativity and innovation.

Publisher/Editor in Chief
Ryan Yoon
If you read their "About" (above) you can see that they are really dedicated to their work, and if anything, will take no prisoners when it comes to becoming one of the best innovative magazines in the world. I love creativity and I love that Virgine is doing something different. It may be interesting to find out just how much they can "bridge the gaps" in the industry that they want to create. 

Who knows? They may fail and never complete any of their goals...Or they might just become just exactly what they said they'd be.

Source (also view more photos): Bloginity 

Good Design: Birthday Cards & Wrapping

This Many Card by Sarah Hollowood

I think in life we usually take for granted the simple things in life that make us happy or make our life go by easier. A simple postcard or the button on our jacket all makes for good design. Trust me, someone is behind  everything. This Birthday Card is so cute and you can totally personalize it for anyone that you send it to. My only question is who is going to fill up that whole sheet ? I don't think anyone is as old as the amount of candles found on that page.

Speaking of Good Design. How awesome is the  Universal Gift Wrap, wrapping paper for every occasion! via thedieline ?

Design and art direction: Fabio Milito, Francesca Guidotti

Too bad it's not for sale. At least I can't find it. 
I would love to use this or to at least be given a package with this wrapping at least once

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Beyoncé RUNS THE Dazed and Confused July 2011 COVER

Dazed and Confused to feature Beyonce, Vybz Kartel and other dancehall Legends

After taking a break from music, Beyoncé making a fast comeback on both the music & fashion scene. Here she covers the July 2011 edition of Dazed and Confused. She is decked head to toe in designs that give a modern 60's vibe but the surrounding is trailer chic ?? No comment.


Magazine: Dazed & Confused
Published: July 2011
Cover Star: Beyonce Knowles
Styled by Karen Langley
Photography by Sharif Hamza

Friday, June 10, 2011

Makeup Warehouse Haul: Preview

Hi guys, I'm no beauty guru but in a previous post about summer makeup trends I probably mentioned that I've always wanted to get into makeup and just never ended up getting around to it. Lately, I've been really craving for a lipstick. You know that feeling a lot of girls get when they want to shop like, I WANT that shirt, I NEED A JEFFERY CAMPBELL BOOT, I'm DREAMING about those vintage shoes...etc. Well I had the same thoughts...but for lipstick.

I've never had very much luck with lipstick it felt and looked too pasty. Nearly all of my lipsticks had came from really cheap makeup sets, the ones you might get as a kid, or I've had them for so long I couldn't even tell you when I first got it. As of lately instead of googling fashion I've been obsessed with reading reviews and hauls of makeup. ( is a really good place for anyone who wants product reviews from real people (no one is sponsored or paid for their opinions). You can find nearly anything you want on that site). I knew I needed to buy a lipstick just to calm the insanely obsessive thoughts of me buying a lipstick.

My top reasons for wanting a lipstick:
  • I wanted to build a decent makeup collection
  • Lipstick requires the least amount of brushes & prep (in my opinion)
  • Its something that I wouldn't mind practicing at
  • Somehow I had in my mind that I would look awesome in lipstick

All my recent lipstick purchases

Well I told myself to buy one or two lipsticks but found a warehouse sale and bought 8 (4 for $10). I have no idea at this point if I'll eventually be regretting how many I picked up at one time. I mean seriously, outside of dance performances, I've never worn lipstick o___O but I guess for now I'm more than satisfied with my purchases.

Actually to be honest, I bought these lipsticks on the day that most of my school went to prom...but I guess that's another story.

Above and below you will see the pictures that I have taken but I have also added my name and website...just in case someone (who would though) decides to take my picture without crediting me. I really did try to lay everything out to look as professional as possible. =)

All my purchases found at the warehouse sale (not including the nail polish)

I bought 6 revlon lipsticks, 2 maybelline lipsticks, 2 tweezers, and 1 rimmel mascara (i also bought a sally hansen nail polish but not at the warehouse)

Hopefully I can get in a review as soon as I've tried them.
What do you think of my pictures ?? (I took them myself)
Is there any purchases that you think a beginner, like me, should have in their makeup collection?

Monday, June 6, 2011

Minute of Spotlight: Beauty-Reflections 350+ Subscriber Contest


 350+ Subscriber Celebration Giveaway!


Even though I don't tend to blog too often (I used to blog a lot when I first started but I'm not sure what happened after the New Year) I am always trolling/scrolling/browsing the internet.

I am quite new to the beauty world and I have been looking to start my collection pretty soon (I bought a bunch of products at a warehouse sale which I'll post soon) and was pretty happy when I found her website. I love finding Canadian beauty gurus/makeup junkies because their prices just seem to be a little more accurate and sensitive than American's who tend to have 50% sales at ULTA or can pick up a product for $1 at a drugstore but I either can't find it or I can find it for 3x's the price. 

What I find nice about her contest is that her prizes consist of 20 products (many of them Canadian brands). 

Tracy is a self proclaimed Canadian Beauty Junkie. She now works in Science but used to work as a Colour Consultant for Sephora.

Tracy's Giveaway will include:
1. Sephora Purple Delight Mini Nail Trio Set

2. Annabelle Smooth Liner in Bronze

3. Mini NARS Orgasm Illuminator
4. Perfect Skin Perfection Gel in Luminous deluxe sample
5. Vichy Capital Soleil 60 SPF SunScreen deluxe sample
6. Bare Minerals  Mineral Veil
7. Tocca Hand Cream in Stella
8. 2 samples of RESIST Weekly Resurfacing Treatment by Paula's Choice
9. Korres AntiAgeing Primer Deluxe Sample
10. Sephora Stackable Mini Lipglosses
11. Joe Fresh Matte Lipstick in Fuschia-full size
12. Joe Fresh Cream Blush in Rose-full size
13. Joe Fresh Nail Polish in Orchid-full size
14. Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara Black-full size
15. Annabelle Mineral Pigment Dust in Azure-full size
16. Sephora Bamboo Charcoal Blotting Papers
17. EOS Lip Balm in Sweet Mint-full size
18. Fresh Soy Face Cream
19. Elizabeth Grant Biocollasis Complex Day Serum-deluxe sample
20. Sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn Facial Soap-full size

The Rules:

1. You must be a Follower of Beauty Reflections and Like Beauty Reflections on Facebook 

2. Follow her on twitter @BeautyReflectTS 
Please note: following her on twitter is not a requirement to be entered in her contest.

3. Leave a comment below with your follower name and email so that she can contact you if you're the winner. If you don't want to leave it publicly, you can email it to her by hitting the Contact Me button on the right hand sidebar of hher blog.

4. Get an extra entry if you share her giveaway (hence the reason why this is on my blog) by posting about it on your blog or sidebar (just let her know in your comment with your blog link so I can check). Also get an extra entry by sharing this on twitter. Leave her the direct link to your tweet on your comment.

5. Giveaway is open Internationally, except to Germany, because Germany does not allow importation of cosmetics and the package would get confiscated. :(

6. You must me 18 years old, otherwise you need your parent's permission!

That's it! The giveaway ends on Sunday, June 12, 2011 at  10:00 PM MST. The winner will be picked from all qualified entries through and the winner will be notified by email on Tuesday, June 14. The winner will have 24 hours to respond, otherwise a new winner will be picked. The prizes  will be shipped out soon after that. She will pack and send it as safely as she can, but please remember that she is not not responsible for anything broken or if the package gets lost. 

- I highly doubt that I will win this. I have not luck at contests but to anyone who views this in time for the contest maybe you will be the winner. Plus maybe you just learned of a new favourite blog that you never would have otherwise checked out.

 Fun fact: She started this contest with over 350+ subscribers and now has 500+. How is that for successful publicity??!!

Good luck!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Minute of Spotlight: AnnaLynne McCord in NYC

AnnaLynne McCord & Kellen Lutz in New York City

There is not enough words to tell you how much I am loving AnnaLynne's outfit. The shine of her pants is the equivalent to a statement necklace. Lets call her pants, "conversation pants". 

Ok. *nods* that is all. 

Tribal Extreme: Battle of Numéro Editorials




I have a thing for tribal prints. The prints that I'm more drawn to look a lot more cultural then this techno- tribal prints featured in the bottom picture. I know many people are really as drawn to this trend as they were last year but what do you think of the tribal trend? Do you like these crazy tribal editorials or are they a bit much for you ?