Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Music: Far Away - Tyga ft. Chris Richardson


It's been too long since I've updated my blog regularly and even longer since I've posted new music. Technically this song is about a couple of weeks old but I'm loving it so much I just couldn't resist sharing it.

Tyga has released his first single Far Away off of his upcoming album Careless World. I resisted listening to it because I find that Tyga can be a bit hit or miss for me but this is definitely a HIT. Even if your not into hip hop this song is the tune you will sing on a nice summer day. This is like the equivalent to B.O.B.'s single Airplane. The singer has a soothing voice that will have you singing along to on the chorus but Tyga's raps are catchy enough that you'll either sit and listen to him or be inspired by his hometown memories.

Seriously, I can not say enough about this song. Just listen to it! Die-hard Hip hop fan or just a fan of top 40 hits...you'll LOVE IT.

Read more to view the lyrics.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Minute of Spotlight: Cailin Hill

Outside of my few favourite models (which I don't follow regularly) I don't usually follow updates of models unless it has to do with backstage fashion or their street style but i couldn't resist after skimming this interview and seeing "Fuck heels, they weigh my bag down," and that she was from Ontario...a.k.a. Canadian. Check out her interview below from The Cut

Meet the New Girl: Cailin Hill Is Scared of Other Models, Wants to Work With Terry Richardson

"Fuck heels, they weigh my bag down," 22-year-old model Cailin Hill said as she walked into our offices recently. Wearing a coffee-stained white tee and a beat-up pair of Doc Martens.

What were you like as a kid?
Oh man, I was this super awkward arty girl. My dad was an art teacher, so I spent a lot of time alone, drawing in these sketchbooks he would bring home. I spent a great deal of time rescuing injured birds and doing all those things that little misfit children do. I never had many friends, but I managed to make a couple of very close friends. I guess haven't changed much [laughs].

How did you first get discovered? 
I used to work two part-time jobs to make rent. I was working at one of my jobs in the mall when an older model came in and asked me if I had ever thought about modeling. I remember lying and saying no, but I took her card. I came into work for my next shift, and my manager told me the agency had been calling, trying to get a hold of me. I then got scouted again working at Starbucks [my other job] a week after, and I told myself, "Self, you're an idiot if you don't try this." 

[Sidenote: lucky girl to get spotted TWICE. I could only hope.]

If not modeling, what would you be doing?
Not sure, but I wasn't exactly rising up the ranks at Starbucks. I think I would probably still be a smart-alecky blogger, living in Canada. I never had the opportunity to travel before modeling, but I hope I would have found my way to New York regardless.

What was the last thing you bought?
Colored panties from Victoria's Secret. I've been living a sad life of nude colored G-strings lately. It comes with the territory. 

I personally found her really interesting...I think I would love to meet her. Most models can be quite intimidating...they seem so sure of themselves but in this interview she admits that she's awkward and seems quite real, plus she's really witty. If she's from Ontario I would love to meet her I like anyone that I can relate with and since I consider myself odds and randoms I would say that we could definitely relate. Hopefully, I'll have another post with mix of photos and editorials of her - she is GORGEOUS.

I loved her whole interview so I have most of the questions below, so if you want to read more of her interview click "read more" below.

Battle of the Platforms: Versace vs Jeffrey Campbell

Versace Platforms

A college of many Jeffrey Campbells

I remember when everyone wanted stilettos. The skinny heels were all the range and if someone like me were to think of platforms, I would probably be thinking of hooker shoes. Now that designers like Jeffrey Campbell have introduced this ultimate trend of comfort and style (Jeffery Campbell Litas' may have a 5 inch heel but their platform is only 2 inches. The perfect formula of height and comfort). Obviously, there have been have been many platforms shoes before Jeffrey Campbell but I would definitely say that they have been one of the leaders to bring back this trend. Most trendy stylista's have one or want one. 

Now, the shoes in question are these jeweled-toned platforms by Versace (above). Although Jeffery Campbell comes in many different styles I have yet to see one like this one. The jeweled colours would work perfect for the summer trend which is currently featuring bring bold colours and statement pieces. 

What do you think of the platform trend? Will you be caught wearing one?
BUT more importantly
 Who wins the platform battle?

Dreams Money Can Buy

And I feel like lately I went from top 5 to remaining 5
My favourite rappers either lost it or they aint alive

And they tryna bring us down me, Weezy and Stunna

We stayed up, Christmas lights in the middle of summer

Drake is back with a new hip hop join called Dreams Money Can Buy. We all know Drake likes to take small jabs at other rappers claiming he's the best and as you can see from the lyrics above he still thinks he's the best. From Drake's point of view him an Weezy must be freezing cuz they're lonely at the top. Chrismas lights in the middle of the summer ? awkward. 

Listen to the song above and tell me what you think ? If you were a fan of Drake way back when he started out how do you like him now? Full lyrics and download below.
*I have some select lyrics I bolded that I like but the song its self I probably will not be bumping...to slow for me...maybe in time i'll feel it.*

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Odds and Randoms: If Your Not an Icon...I'll Make You One

Abbey Lee Kershaw - Street Style

Adele illustration by thisdoesnotsuck

Audrey Hepburn - late night milk 
...i'm sure this is from a movie but I can't remember which one...Breakfast at Tiffany's ?

As if by Magic - Rachel-Marie I from lookbook.nu 

Diana Dors 1950’s classic movie star

Lanvin spring 2010
check out the smokey eye and the statement necklace !!! 
I need some Lanvin in my life....

Rose Smith by Steven Chee for Fashion Gone Rogue

love all the colour blocking, prints, and styling and her HAIIRRR !!


blinking beauty

I used to be a dancer so I always have a soft spot for dancers and photography featuring them. 
i love what dance can do to a body. The way your body can move and the figure of a dancers body is beautiful…its a plus that the lighting on her does wonders. love

Not wearing much but an afro and bold lips but I love this photo the same. 
Just a natural beauty

Andre Leon Tally - fashion icon

I've been gone for so long and I've been missing blogger but I just couldn't seem to get my lazy ass to blog something sooner. I swear I have more...if only I can get my lazy bum to upload everything...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Fresh Look on Makeup for the Summer

Company Magazine 2010
trend spotted: neon/bright eyeshadow (80s inspired)

Okay, first off I'd like to start off by saying that I'm NO professional when it comes to makeup. To be honest,    I don't really wear makeup. As much as I like to oogle at makeup in department stores AND drugstores and also beauty gurus on youtube I've never made makeup my permanent routine. I'm not sure what it is but lately I find myself being as much entertained by makeup as I usually get from fashion. Hopefully in the week I'll get to post a wish list of products I'd like to start wearing in the summer - nothing to heavy like a full coverage foundation. -______-

ANYWAYS...this photo is one of many beautiful but simple makeup ideas for the summer, although it is a year dated. *sidenote: don't you just love her freckles?*

bright nails

shades of blue (nails)
bold lips (especially pinks)

statement lips are as good as your statement necklaces were in the fall
If nothing else I will rock a bold pink lip because it is simple and bold

orange lips 

Although, in 2011 they are coral or a lot brighter than this

Source: factory311

Poolside Pin Up for the Summer

keke Keke Lindgard by Johan Sandberg for <em>Marie Claire Italia</em> May 2011
keke4 Keke Lindgard by Johan Sandberg for <em>Marie Claire Italia</em> May 2011
keke6 Keke Lindgard by Johan Sandberg for <em>Marie Claire Italia</em> May 2011
Keke Lindgard by Johan Sandberg for Marie Claire Italia May 2011
Its hard to imagine that spring is nearly over when Canada is still being plagued with mucky rain and blah weather (I got caught in the rain yesterday in short shorts...but thats another story). Keke in this editorial has me in the mood for summer. Looking at this editorial i can nearly feel the heat and the slight breeze through her hair. I'm not really into the literal 70s trend. I'm more of a 80s or 90s baby but her looks styled by Monika Kropfitsch look like a lot of Blonde, Sexy, and a pool full of fun...what's not to love ?

Click for a couple more photos that i like from the editorial

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Behati Prinsloo For i-D By Craig McDean

idf Amber Valletta & Behati Prinsloo for <em>i D</em> Summer 2011 Covers

Behati Prinsloo is one featured in one of the 6 summer covers for i-D magazine. 
I'm in love with the half skull painted face. I usually try to stay away from skulls but i her sweet face just interested me with the stark contrast to her left side.

I'm currently at school doing a lot of nothing, my teacher is away and we have a movie on but...everyone is on computers, go figure ?! LMAO *sigh* if only tumblr would work....

Monday, May 9, 2011

Currently: Frustrated

Currently sitting in the library trying to finish homework because my computer conveniently stopped working and needs to be repaired.
ughhh MY LIFFFEEE!!!!