Sunday, May 29, 2011

Odds and Randoms: If Your Not an Icon...I'll Make You One

Abbey Lee Kershaw - Street Style

Adele illustration by thisdoesnotsuck

Audrey Hepburn - late night milk 
...i'm sure this is from a movie but I can't remember which one...Breakfast at Tiffany's ?

As if by Magic - Rachel-Marie I from 

Diana Dors 1950’s classic movie star

Lanvin spring 2010
check out the smokey eye and the statement necklace !!! 
I need some Lanvin in my life....

Rose Smith by Steven Chee for Fashion Gone Rogue

love all the colour blocking, prints, and styling and her HAIIRRR !!


blinking beauty

I used to be a dancer so I always have a soft spot for dancers and photography featuring them. 
i love what dance can do to a body. The way your body can move and the figure of a dancers body is beautiful…its a plus that the lighting on her does wonders. love

Not wearing much but an afro and bold lips but I love this photo the same. 
Just a natural beauty

Andre Leon Tally - fashion icon

I've been gone for so long and I've been missing blogger but I just couldn't seem to get my lazy ass to blog something sooner. I swear I have more...if only I can get my lazy bum to upload everything...

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