Saturday, September 25, 2010


if you only knew how long i've been trying...*sigh* 

Odds and Randoms: Lost and Found


These are some old posts I had in a facebook album. I lost these photos sometime after my computer crashed a while ago. I can't remember where all the sources are from, unfortunately, but a lot of them - most actually - look like they're from

The Lion King 2 - Not One Of Us (Exile)


I LOVE THIS SONG. I couldn't find it for the longest time because I thought it was called Exile. Thank God I recently found out that my friends love disney movies. I've fallen back in love with the classic movies and songs I grew up with...

First Dose of Inspiration

I started this blog because I NEEDED an outlet to pour out all the inspirations and things i've been collecting on my computer. It's about time that I made my first post-especially with FASHION WEEK going on now... the extra space may be just what I need to go on a binge for current photos (I've been trying to cut back).

Completely random. Enjoy.

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