Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Glimpse at My Summer in Flicks

THIS IS ONE AMAZING SUMMER I PLAN TO NEVER FORGET! I would live it again in a heartbeat. I have no captions or explainations for these photos as they are only a preview of my summer. I thought a random list of words that i associate with my summer might help to piece together these photos - or NOT!

fran├žais, cheese, boys, stalkers, bob, festivals, MIDNIGHT, camp,  family, phone calls, sneaking out, boys, frustration, amazing race, bread, lifts, mac, laptops, walks, irritated, fail, hair, metro, cruise, swse, 2010, songs, dance, rain, park, photos, young, fashion, graffiti, calm, grown men, impulsive, sleep, shopaholic, declined, Simons, reckless, losers, did i say boys ? hot boys, work, BOMB, late nights, dreams.

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