Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My NOT so Virgin Post - Slightly Tainted

Hello World and Welcome to my Blog

This first post to my blog is slightly tainted as it is not my first attempt at making a blog. To most this is probably not ground breaking news, as most go through social networking sites like tissue (neopets graduates to habbohotel to facebook to myspace to twitter etc). I on the other hand tend to choose the most simple sites that work. Things that broadcast to the world (blogger, twitter, youtube) I steer clear from because after so many success stories the last thing I want to do is F.A.I.L. miserably with the world laughing at me -______-"

After what seems like a lifetime, I created my first blog sometime in the beginning of the summer (minutestomidnightbutimaystayupforever.blogspot.com). The name alone is a mouthful! To be honest, it was created out of necessity, to clean up the space I've been hogging on my computer. "Mother Dearest" specifically told me to get rid of all the "junk" I saved on the computer - that is my golden images, information, music and everyyythinng I love that I keep for entertainment and inspirational purposes - or she would do it for me.

My first actual post held so much more excitement and anticipation than this one does now. It seemed like the world was on my side when I finally made my first post at 2:09 am. My whole year I surrounded myself with an eyeorgasm of fashion bloggers, randomers, and all types of inspiration that filled my computer with 1000+ images, sites, quotes, and media that just needed to be poured out. Canada's day had just ended 2 hours and 2 minutes ago (yes I was watching the clock) and in less than 24 hours I would find myself in Quebec for a 6 week summer work exchange. Unfortunately, life caught up with me and after my last post at 2:50am I never made another post again. I can't blame anything but laziness.

Now that school has started I have given myself a reason to start over and try again. I could have used the same old blog or made a blog with a different name BUT all my friends agree that minutestomidnight describes me all to well. Who else would make a blog at 1:44 am ??

Call it dedication or call it a waste of talent but if you happen to cross this blog my main goal is to entertain and inspire.

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