Friday, June 10, 2011

Makeup Warehouse Haul: Preview

Hi guys, I'm no beauty guru but in a previous post about summer makeup trends I probably mentioned that I've always wanted to get into makeup and just never ended up getting around to it. Lately, I've been really craving for a lipstick. You know that feeling a lot of girls get when they want to shop like, I WANT that shirt, I NEED A JEFFERY CAMPBELL BOOT, I'm DREAMING about those vintage shoes...etc. Well I had the same thoughts...but for lipstick.

I've never had very much luck with lipstick it felt and looked too pasty. Nearly all of my lipsticks had came from really cheap makeup sets, the ones you might get as a kid, or I've had them for so long I couldn't even tell you when I first got it. As of lately instead of googling fashion I've been obsessed with reading reviews and hauls of makeup. ( is a really good place for anyone who wants product reviews from real people (no one is sponsored or paid for their opinions). You can find nearly anything you want on that site). I knew I needed to buy a lipstick just to calm the insanely obsessive thoughts of me buying a lipstick.

My top reasons for wanting a lipstick:
  • I wanted to build a decent makeup collection
  • Lipstick requires the least amount of brushes & prep (in my opinion)
  • Its something that I wouldn't mind practicing at
  • Somehow I had in my mind that I would look awesome in lipstick

All my recent lipstick purchases

Well I told myself to buy one or two lipsticks but found a warehouse sale and bought 8 (4 for $10). I have no idea at this point if I'll eventually be regretting how many I picked up at one time. I mean seriously, outside of dance performances, I've never worn lipstick o___O but I guess for now I'm more than satisfied with my purchases.

Actually to be honest, I bought these lipsticks on the day that most of my school went to prom...but I guess that's another story.

Above and below you will see the pictures that I have taken but I have also added my name and website...just in case someone (who would though) decides to take my picture without crediting me. I really did try to lay everything out to look as professional as possible. =)

All my purchases found at the warehouse sale (not including the nail polish)

I bought 6 revlon lipsticks, 2 maybelline lipsticks, 2 tweezers, and 1 rimmel mascara (i also bought a sally hansen nail polish but not at the warehouse)

Hopefully I can get in a review as soon as I've tried them.
What do you think of my pictures ?? (I took them myself)
Is there any purchases that you think a beginner, like me, should have in their makeup collection?

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