Thursday, October 28, 2010

Grandma Rihanna - Dated Florals

AHH WTF...exactly what I'm thinking Rihanna.

I remember early this year giving everyone the heads up that Rihanna was making her own book. I nearly forgot about her book until I saw a pictue of Rihanna at her booksigning at a Barnes & Nobles yesterday. Really Rihanna? What were you thinking ? Does that flowery grandma dress hit you in all the right places you wanted to hit ?

I'm not suggesting that mega superstar Rihanna has to look like an uber sexy fashionista everytime she steps out onto the street BUT I would suggest her to lay off of the Grandma prints. It's not cute - AT ALL ! The boobage doesn't help make it youthful at all. It looks like someone placed a dated garden on her back (the red hair actually helped this image).

and then there was this...

from the top it doesn't look so bad...


The fur makes me think she was going for some type of old school grandma look but it's styled all wrong. I actually don't know what could help her hear. The socks and shoes, ugly heels, busy and unshapely dress is ALL WRONG.

Get it together Rihanna. Covering up is nice but not when you dress like a 60+ grandma. Shocking, yes. Fashionable, NO. NO.

If your playing a joke on us we DO NOT love the way you lie.

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