Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Minute of Spotlight: Fall Fashions w/ Twist

Love the look and atmosphere of the whole picture.
Her mix of texture on top and the fitting pants all mixt together and remind me of autumn trees. I also love that her expression looks like she's so peaceful and focused with all the chaos behind her. I'd feel so special to be that photographer like "DAYMN STRAIGHT I GOT HER ATTENTION"

who said rainboots had to be boring ?
never thought I'd see clear one.
Calm. Cool. Collected.
...but dare I say sexy ? the length looks revealling and alluring like whats she really wearing under that ^^
but its a photo we actually don't know so I'm just thinking...WHAT WAS SHE WEARING ?
Its one thing in a photo but I don't know if I'd like it as much to see a girl walking in a blazer and her undies...I wanna know how she pulled it off.

Ashley Olsen in a chain scarf

Its the little things that do it here.
The small pops of colour and her "I'm so cool with out trying" attitude
her outfit is like a "wearable costume". 
-love it

maybe not so much fall...but hey its sexy without trying to hard.
looks a little rebellious ^^
Dazed Magazine

ASOS cardigan

Carolina from fashionsquad via mrnewton

Love the poncho and shoes.

mr. newton

I've already used this photo as my tutu inspiration but the outfit as a whole just looks luxe and comfy.
The colour adds life and character, the poncho is the standout piece and it looks warm and comfy.

normally bright colours are a no no but "B" makes them work
 pairing them with darker accessories. She looks so cute and inviting for once.
- note: I think I might do a gossip girl evolution. Their costume changes went from sweet school girls  to grown and classy in a short amount of time.

the clothes, the pose, the look all together makes the shoot.
they look put together (definately with some effort) but the point is, they look cool.
I get a men in black vibe just without the black...maybe its the shades.
mr. newton.

This is the difference between style and fashion. The small things like his camera around his neck, the wrap around belt (in a different colour), the texture of his coat, his a little character.
He seriously reminds me of the creepier in the Spice Girl movie (just saying)

vintage YSL.
love the drama.

nerdy never looked so cute and comfy.
I just wanna pull out a book or start knitting.
or maybe I just want to be evil and unwravel her poncho.

Tracy Reese Spring/summer2011

this happens to be my cousin's friend
Keegan Rockley.
I like the photos...they look proper. Cute bowtie.

I love the grey on gray colour palete. It looks very put together.

this is my older cousin
I think I've already praised her on her beautiful she looks but I love the styling and the shoot too.
I'd love to have a picture like this done.

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