Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Minute of Inspiration: Tutus

This post is dedicated to a friend named Terianne.
She wanted some tutu inspirations for costume ideas...I wanted to waste time and get inspired in the process. Plus, It didn't hurt that I used to take ballet.

I started ballet when I was 2 and continued until I was about 12.
I have a better photo somewhere. All smiles and red lipstick.

Suri Cruise.

I used to be a ballerina EVERY YEAR ! When I got tired of ballet and wanted to be something different...I became a witch every year. I'm lame. I know. I still have my costumes but I'm thinking I should have saved  the tutus I used to always get with my costumes. *sigh*

Here are some more literal inspirations of tutus aka. ballet.

Cecilina Austin Photography

L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival's PopUp parade for Dotti

More inspirations...

Always loved this photo.
The ballerina combined with the water creates the wimsical effect most people envision dancers as in fairtales. I can't remember the source...but I do remember I wanted to buy the photographers book.

The ballerina on the street (on pointe) looks so dream like and adds a little edge. Next time I find myself in my dance costume I should take a photo like this. Best way to end the night. *sigh*

Terry Berry seems to like this
maybe a...costume idea ?

Fashion Interpretations

Alexander McQueen tutu.

Chanel Ballerina.

Goth...wait pastel shoes ?? hmmm
I googled this. I don't know the original source...

Hayley Williams in Elle.
The less girly interpretation of the tutu.

Long tutu. Gothic Styling.
Reminds me Madonna the original 80's Material Girl.

Rihanna. From runway to Streetstyle.
This girl trys everything...of course she'd wear a tutu at least once.

Kate Moss for Vogue 2009 british fashion tribute (Vivienne Westwood tutu).
Check out the Shoes!!!!
love this too by the way...

Alice in Wonderland inspired shoot.
I remember when this look first appeared on (the original source)
but I can't remember the link to the original person. :(

Wearable Tutus:

I really love this look. It's sweet and not literal. The tutu adds colour not drama. Her shrug adds to the romance as well.  
Click here to view more looks and posts from this blogger. Bonus--she's Canadian ♥

Meet Pandora. I don't google her or check her blog but I do know she has an AMAZING fashion sense.
If I scroll through a streetstyle or fashion blog I'll probably eventually find her.
Click Here to view her blog and see more of her fashions.
P.S. Never would have thought this was a tutu.

Okay so maybe not wearable because its a bit like a costume but its definately fashion.
The corset pulls this look together. Source: flickr (user:  inspite of everything...)

Be proper like a lady.
Seriously, *drools* I'd love to wear that out. The girl looks cheeky with her legs crossed and a drink in her hand. So bad ass. Definately wearable. 

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