Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Music: J. Cole Friday Night Lights Mixtape Promo Video w/ Leaks + Looking For Trouble

Promo video for J. Cole's new Mixtape - Friday Night Lights

I seriously think that J. Cole is the answer to what a lot of people have been wanting from Hip Hop for a long while - Talent. He's been real since day one. Every hook, every lyric, every interview, he exposes his the truth as he sees it. I know a lot of people compare him to Drake...and believe me I can see the comparisons (fast ride to fame, big hip hop icons as their mentors, young black rappers etc.) but at the end of the day their both on another level. I may be Canadian but I don't automatically say "Drake is the Greatest" or anything like that because I don't relate to him...especially as a Canadian. I feel like he is very mainstream and appeals more to Americans and to an international audience. J. Cole may not be as mainstream - or pop -as Drake, who seems to be in demand to feature on every artist's track, and you may not even like all of his songs, but I think he is definately a great promise to hip hop, an icon in the making.

...and if your sleeping on J. Cole...Heres a quote from a recent G.O.O.D friday music feature called  "Looking For Trouble":

I thought that real sh-t is what you been fiending ’bout
what you been praying for? What you been screaming ’bout?
ironic you been sleeping on the one that you been dreaming ’bout
I've added some leaks from the mixtape as well as the "looking for trouble" song below

J. Cole - Before I'm Gone

J. Cole ft. Wale - You Got It

The first two tracks (above) are featured on his upcoming mixtape.
The song below is from Kanye West's G.O.O.D Friday series.

Kanye West ft. Pusha T, Cyhi the Prynce, Big Sean & J. Cole - Looking For Trouble

Although everyone did their thing on this track, the only parts I listened to were Big Sean and J. Cole. They seemed like they were on a mission to body all their haters. The last few seconds that J. Cole used to spit some lines without a beat - MURDERREED ! COLE WORLD !

[Big Sean]
GOOD, I do it
B.I.G. Sean Don n-gga
(But you found it mutherf-cker)
I’m in, that no-smoke sec’ rolling motherf-cking ounces
marijuana mountains, drinks you’re not pronouncing
three chains on, I don’t need no bouncers
nothing less than a G stack’s in my trousers
new double-D’s smashed in her blouses
f-ck a hotel, my n-gga we rent houses (houses)
my n-gga, we rent houses
so many wedding rings lost in them couches
I’m just a Westside lover
I leave females in my sheets and all my feelings in a rubber
this is showtime, showtime, boy
I hope you set the DVR
stacking money face to face, dish it, look like CPR
‘Ye invited me a seat to sit at the throne
so now I’m snapping like yo’ ass just finished a poem
does he sound like ‘Ye, Jay, or Drizzy Drake?
meanwhile, I’m chilling with all these n-ggas, counting all this money you ain’t
consider yourself lucky to see a legend before the prime
a killer before the crime, a BIG before the Dime
greet me wit a middle finger when you see me
it’s cool, ’cause I can’t see yo’ ass from this side of the TV muthaf-cker

[J. Cole]
Hey, Cole World, make way for the chosen one
what you now hear is putting fear in all the older ones
down played me to downgrade me like they don’t notice son
your shoes too big too fill? I can barely squeeze my toes in ‘em
f-cking hoes while teaching n-ggas to hold your sons
this the rap Moses, scratch that, Mary and Joseph’s son
high as f-ck with a cold flow and a loaded gun
never say I’m better than Hov, but I’m the closest one
heard you looking for trouble, what, I’m supposed to run?
yo’ bitch invited me inside her, ain’t I supposed to cum?
got n-ggas that’ll blow your tee off, put a hole in one
now you outside of heaven’s gate, fronting like you know someone
talking hard, but y’all still ain’t push me
they say you are what you eat, and I still ain’t pussy
f-ck it, everybody can get it
when you’re this hot, everybody’s a critic
but when you’re this high everybody’s a midget
all this mean mugging from n-ggas that mean nothing
could it be my position is one that you dreamed of?
went from quarter to broke to half past rich
with my badass bitch
and you don’t want no problems on some math class sh-t
so check the young genius out
f-ck the World, bust a nut, and let my semen sprout
I thought that real sh-t is what you been fiending ’bout
what you been praying for? What you been screaming ’bout?
ironic you been sleeping on the one that you been dreaming ’bout

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