Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Not quite a landmark when you compare this blog with others but I'm glad I finally made one. I tend to blog less than I search blogs but none the less I find blogging fun and will continue to voice my opinions on whatever and upload what I like or inspire from.

Now that I've had 100 post of random fun, I think its time to start figuring out why I'm doing this, and how I want to represent myself and blog. I usually post really late so I know I babble and can't help just pouring my thoughts like a leaky faucet but I can try to refine my thoughts or make everything more headings.

New Music:
Music for "Month": (i'll post any links I posted in the month)
Minute of Spotlight: (for focusing on a person or group for whatever reason)
Beauty Tip: (I don't have too many but I'm really starting to get interested in makeup and beauty)
DIY: (these I have even less of but if I find some...I'll post them)
Oddz and Randoms: (completely random post - maybe every week or so)
Quotes from the Best: (not necessarily the greatest people but definately a great quote)
I'd rather not say "quote of the day" in case i want to post another
And I Leave You With: (a picture or quote or w/e that i'll post when I'm signing off)

And of course there will be other posts that don't fit into this category. Adding colour, playing with fonts, and taking time with my posts might make my blog a bit more interesting.

I'm still not sure what I'm doing with this blog. Its really just inspirations and things for now. I may make a tumblr really soon to upload all the randoms if I don't find they fit with my blog. 

“Learn all you can from the mistakes of others. You won’t have time to make them all yourself.”
— Alfred Sheinwold

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