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Minute of Spotlight: The Rise and Fall of Amy Winehouse

In 2004, Amy Winehouse was fresh faced and missing her infamous beehive known to the public in later years. Her song, "Stronger than Me," off of her debut album, Frank (2003), won her won the Ivor Novello Award for Best Contemporary Song Musically & Lyrically in the same year.


In 2006, her ironically named single, Rehab, off her next album, Back to Black, propelled her to international fame. In no time she became the Amy we've come to know. Complete with her beehive hairstyle, winged eyeliner, and troublesome lifestyle.


In 2007, Winehouse marries former video production assistant Blake Fielder-Civil in a secret during a trip to Florida. It begins a a tumultuous two-year relationship, which the singer later admits was riddled with drug use. In one picture from 2007, she was seen with bruises on her face and blood seeping from her pink ballet shoes (see below)


Wrecked: Amy is bruised, smudged and has blood on her feet, while Blake's face has been scratched

Damaged: A close-up of the shot of Winehouse's blood-soaked pink ballet pumps

In January 2008, Amy checks into rehab.

In Febuary (although not in attendance) Amy Winehouse wins 5 grammys including Best Pop Vocal Album for Back to Black, Best New Artist, and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for "Rehab." Also, Her album catapults to number two on the U.S. Billboard charts.

Amy Winehouse wins five grammys

In May 2008, Amy Winehouse is arrested in connection with the alleged possession of a controlled drug.

amy winehouse arrest Amy Winehouse Faces Arrest

In 2008, Amy Winehouse is featured in Rolling Stone's July issue.

Up All Night with Amy Winehouse music journalist, Claire Hoffman, writes a somber article about the star.

All around her, Winehouse’s home is in disastrous disarray: Discarded bags of potato chips, crumpled nuggets of tinfoil, beer bottles, lingerie boxes and scattered old credit cards tell of a long night that hasn’t ended in weeks, maybe months...
In 2009, Amy finds herself in loads of more trouble, including getting barred from entering the US, to play for Coachella, after allegedly punching a fan at the Society Ball in London. Her parents make a plea for their daughter to get the help she needs. However, later in the year, Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil finally call it quits after numerous fights and arrests, and are officially divorced.


In 2008, Amy Winehouse is featured in the November issue of Harper's & Bazaar magazine promoting her new clothing line called Fred Perry. 

Here are some of her looks from her 50's inspired collection. 


In May 2011, the singer heads back to rehab, quickly checking back out a few months later. She also gives gives a disastrous performance in Belgrade in which she turned up late, forgot lyrics, wandered around the stage aimlessly and garnered boos from the crowd. She also cancels the rest of her tour a couple of days later. 

Last in this timeline is today, the day she died.
Back to dust, Back to Black, goodbye and farewell Amy Winehouse.
I hope you rest in peace.

Amy Winehouse lived a life of struggle. 
What are your thoughts on the singer ?

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