Thursday, July 21, 2011

First Purchase & Coupon Code

I've finally made my first order from!
I've been a silent stalker of the website for a couple of years now but my mom, although not a very big fan of shopping online, got me a $50 coupon for Christmas towards the website. I know with $50 I should have bought something AGES ago. However, after I realized I could actually BUY from Modcloth for the first time, I just realized how expensive they can be. Everything I wanted set me back usually a lot more than $50. Also, it is rare that they have a REALLY good sale - but did happen to miss 2 major ones o____O

Shipping to Canada is really expensive and they only accept paypal or an American credit card for International buyers. This is why I was going to have my aunt buy from the thing I had my eye on was a great pair of high waisted shorts as well as a couple of other things. Sadly her busy schedule couldn't allow her to order in time. I died inside a bit when I had to watch the items I wanted to buy sell out TWICE !  

Anyways, on to my purchases.

Price: $59.99 $29.99
Feel your heart soar when you slip into this velvety, olive-and-gold romper! With boning at the bustier, a duo of deep pockets, and a savvy silhouette, this chic romper is a luxe-yet-edgy, way to show off your style. Pair it with onyx stockings, a sparkly cardi, and T-strap heels for a glimmering look that's sure to delight! 

I love that this romper has "boning" to create a slimming effect (something that may turn out to be really flattering for my petite waist!) Also, velvet romper and accessible pockets ? Comfort + Luxury = THE BOMB Ok, so maybe I haven't seen this in person but from the picture and description I think this will be a steal ! 

Price: $12.99

This isn't something I would buy in any other store for this price but because I had a coupon and didn't want to go over my $50 limit I went with this cute necklace. The main reason why I was drawn to this is because it would go with everything in my closet - and it had a lot of good reviews. Since International shipping is so high, its not likely that I would return this item, so I'd rather be safe than sorry! 

 Total Cost: 
 12.99 + 29.99 + 7.00 (shipping) = 49.98

but wait...I had a coupon!

  Apparently, ModCloth has declared JULY 21st Mod Lovers appreciation day! 
With my discount my purchases came to $42.77 ! 
Meaning that I still have $7.23 left to spend on the website...pretty much US shipping but it's still something.

I'm so happy, I can't wait until my aunt ships me my purchases !

click below for the coupon code - it expires tomorrow at 11:59

coupon code - MCLOVESME

expires 7/22 at 11:59

Also, fill out this survey by 7/28 in order for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate

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