Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Riccardo Tisci: The New Face of Dior ?

It seems that one option to replace John Galliano at Dior after his dramatic scandal which ultimately cost him his position is the current Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci

A tweet Tuesday night from editor and Harper's Bazaar writer Derek Blasberg that "Riccardo Tisci is CONFIRMED at Dior" has the Twitterverse in an uproar of rumors that Givenchy's Tisci will be Galliano's replacement. But there is also new speculation that it will be Alber Elbaz of Lanvin. Time will tell.

        Ricardo Tisci (b. 1974 or 1975) is an Italian fashion designer. He graduated from London's Central Saint Martins Academy, and in 2005 was named creative director for Givenchy womenswear, haute couture and in May 2008 he was named as menswear and accessories designer of the Givenchy men's division.

His apparent fascination with Gothic touches (dark, languid dresses for fall couture) and space-age minimalism (one ready-to-wear show featured white-clad models drifting around a sterile-white sphere) have drawn new attention to the Givenchy brand. 

I''m not very familiar with him (not like I'm skilled in many designers) but I've found a couple of facts on Refinery29 that may help you get to know the designer:

1. He is not the most traditional of Italian Catholics but he still remains very tied to the religion and uses it in his work. Tisci said about his fall '11 men's collection for Givenchy, "Religion is a big part of my DNA and this collection was about my Catholic(ism)."
2. You might call his aesthetic "dark" or "gothy", but don't do it in front of him. He hates that. Go for "romantic" instead. 
3. Tisci has more than once stated that he's not so sure the catwalk is the best place to see clothing. Wonder what that means for the next season of Dior couture? 
4. It's pronounced "Tishee," not "TEE-She," or "Tisk-ee." Get it right, people.

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